Full-surface self-adhesive strip system for sealing against moisture

  • Self-adhesive over its entire surface
  • No additional mechanical fastening
  • Equipped with an asymmetrically release paper

Features and benefits

Full-surface self-adhesive sealing strip for waterproofing ground-contacting structural components according to DIN 18533.



TEROSON® FO KSK M+S - full-surface self-adhesive strip system for sealing against moisture (capillary and retained water) and non-accumulating seepage water in compliance with DIN 18533, parts 1 and 2.

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How to use

CERESIT Tiling CE60 LP Instructions Illustration Step 1


Clean the substrate before fixing the sealing strip. The areas to be sealed must be sufficiently dry, level, load-bearing, frost-free, clean and free from oil, grease, tar, gravel pockets, cracks, dust, dirt, mortar residues and other impurities or substances that may impair adhesion.Sharp or pointed irregularities must be removed.

CERESIT Tiling CE60 LP Instructions Illustration Step 2

APPLICATION: Use of primers

On mineral, weakly bound but load-bearing substrates it is necessary to apply a TEROSON primer. Particularly suitable and recommended at low temperatures and on damp substrates of any kind is TEROSON PR PRIMER M+S. On wet substrates (no standing water), use TEROSON AD Adhesive Spray. 

CERESIT Tiling CE60 LP Instructions Illustration Step 3


The foil is applied in the 1st step with a width of ≥ 30 mm cleanly and efficiently to the profile. In the 2nd step, pull the release paper evenly off the selfadhesive coating. Pull at a slight angle, moving from the edge of the strip in the direction of the middle towards the perforation. Press the sealing strip using the hard TEROSON rubber roller. 

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Frequently asked questions

We recommend a TEROSON primer for mineral, weakly bound but stable substrates. In adverse weather conditions, it is always necessary to use an adhesion promoter on mineral substrates.

The adhesive width for the frame profile is 20-30mm, this is already specified by the self-adhesive strip of the respective sealing foil. The adhesive width varies from 30-50 mm depending on the structure of the product, the current technical data sheet for the product is decisive. Note: Depending on the project, the adhesive width can be increased on smooth, clean and stable substrates after consultation with the TEROSON facade expert. Also can be lower.

Overlapping film joints are glued on top of each other with a width of approx. 50 mm. An additional mechanical fastening of the TEROSON sealing foils is generally not required.