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Transfer adhesive tape for bonding sealing membranes

  • Extremely self-sticking
  • Flame retardant/non-combustible (A2 s1, d0) in combination with FO 1500 FR
  • Can be applied down to -5 °

Features and benefits

High quality, high temperature resistant, double sided self-adhesive strips for bonding sealing films to non-porous and porous surfaces



Teroson® PS 112 FR is a specially developed, high-quality, temperature-resistant, double-sided self-adhesive strip for bonding sealing membranes to non-porous and porous surfaces, as well as to one another. It contains the new PSA hybrid technology and can also be used universally as a repair tape, fixation tape and adhesion bridge.

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How to use


Clean the substrate before fixing the sealing strip. The areas to be sealed must be load-bearing, sound and free from dust, release agents, oil, grease, sintered layers and other substances that may impair adhesion. Deep hollows, e.g. rock pockets or shrinkholes in the concrete, must first be filled. All metal substrates, e.g. element surfaces of aluminium or zinc, must be free of oxide layers and release agents.


TEROSON PS 112 FR is applied by unrolling it directly onto the profile or substrate and cut to the required length using a cutter knife. After removing the 25 mm wide strip of release film, the sealing film can be stuck cleanly and efficiently onto the transfer adhesive tape. All bonding points are then reworked by pressing firmly using a TEROSON hard rubber roller to prevent the sealing film from slipping during subsequent work and to ensure the required adhesion of the bond. 


The outer cartons of TEROSON FO 1500 FR are disposed of at a waste-paper collection point or at municipal waste collection points. Residues of the strips must be disposed of as industrial waste/ construction site waste. 

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