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High-quality butyl sealing compound

  • Self-welding
  • Excellent water and aging resistance
  • Self-adhesive on both sides

Features and benefits

High-quality butyl sealing compound with powerful adhesion and plasto-elastic properties.



TEROSON® RB 81 is a high quality, strongly adhesive sealing tape based on butyl rubber with plasto-elastic properties. The particularly strong tackiness provides a firm lamination between the contact surfaces and, therefore, a reliable sealing effect. RB 81 is self-welding. Higher temperature influence for a short time has no adverse effect on quality and function.

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How to use


TEROSON RB 81 can be used for sealing in the following areas: -Sealing and anti-flutter of trim panels, protective and covering trims, protective panels in the container and tank industry -Sealing of overlaps in steel, steel sheet, aluminum, glass and plastic constructions in sheet metal fabricating industry, in the electrical industry or in apparatus and machinery engineering -Bonding of PE foils, plastic sheets (e.g. EPDM).


Unroll TEROSON RB 81 and cut it to the desired length. Then apply the tape to the surface requiring sealing and press it on. Experience has shown that it is best not to remove the release paper or film when unrolling the tape, but only after it has been applied and pressed on.