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Black-pigmented, viscous, rubber-based adhesive

  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates
  • Paste-like consistency, therefore good filling power
  • Good flow properties

Features and benefits

Self-leveling, natural rubber sealant / adhesive that forms a smooth surface that can be painted. Good adhesion to many different materials.



TEROSON® SB 412 is a black, high-viscosity, natural rubber, solvent-based sealant/adhesive for joints, seams, overlaps, and cable lead-throughs, mainly for the automotive industry. The product is self-leveling to provide a smooth surface that can be painted after drying. Due to its excellent adhesive properties, TEROSON SB 412 can also be used as an adhesive where certain bridging properties are required. SB 412 demonstrates good adhesion to rubber, glass, steel and aluminium.

NOTE: Accelerated oven drying is not recommended because of the danger of creating blisters.

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How to use


The contact surfaces must be dry and free of oil, grease and dirt. Rubber parts must be free of talcum and release agents. For cleaning we recommend Teroson A or FL.


TEROSON SB 412 is applied from tubes or cartridges as a bead into or onto the seam or joint to be sealed. When applying TEROSON SB 412 from nozzle cartridges, the cartridge nipple should be cut off above the thread and the nozzle should be screwed on and cut at an angle to the required opening size. 


Adhesive residues/contaminations can be removed before drying with cleaner TEROSON FL. 

Frequently asked questions