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Non-flammable, air and water vapour tight construction connection film for indoor use

  • Non-combustible (A2-s1, d0 in acc. EN 13501-1)
  • Vapor-tight (sd value: > 1500 m)
  • Equipped with self-adhesive strip (SK1) - one-sided based on innovative PSA-technology

Features and benefits

Non-combustible, vapor barrier, waterproof, sealing system for indoor use with innovative PSA - Technology



Introducing a cutting-edge waterproofing membrane – a non-combustible, high-performance composite product boasting a double-crossed fibre structure for maximum tear resistance and aluminium content ensuring absolute vapour tightness. This innovative membrane meets the most stringent requirements across all areas.

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How to use


Clean the substrate before fixing the sealing strip. The areas to be sealed must be load-bearing, sound and free from dust, release agents, oil, grease, sintered layers and other substances that may impair adhesion. Deep hollows, e.g. rock pockets or shrinkholes in the concrete, must first be filled. All metal substrates, e.g. element surfaces of aluminium or zinc, must be free of oxide layers and release agents.

APPLICATION: Use of primers

On mineral, weakly bound but load-bearing substrates it is recommended to apply a TEROSON primer. At low temperatures and damp substrates, TEROSON PR Primer M+S is well suited for this purpose (meets the requirements of DGNB, LEED and BREEAM).  


After removing the 30 mm wide release film, the sealing strip can be fixed cleanly and efficiently to the profile / building substrate. Press the sealing strip firmly down with a TEROSON hard rubber roller so that it cannot slip when the next steps are carried out. In the next step, the SK 1 version is bonded to the building structure using TEROSON AD KDS FR adhesive paste. Apply strands of the system adhesive to the substrate using either a manual or a compressed air gun (pressure 0.5 to 5 bars). Afterwards, press the sealing strip into the adhesive paste while it is still fresh and skin-free. Roll the strip over with a pressure roller. We recommend a bonding width of ≥ 40 mm. 

Frequently asked questions