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Non-combustable, solvent-free antidrumming compound

  • High acoustic efficiency
  • Non-combustible (A2-s1 d0)
  • Heat-insulating

Features and benefits

Non-combustable, solvent-free antidrumming compound based on an aqueous synthetic resin dispersion.



TEROSON® WT 112 DB - sound deadening and absorption of structure-borne sound caused by thin-walled sheet metal structures used for steel and aluminum facade elements, in plant and apparatus engineering, for trapezoidal sheet metal ceilings and in ventilation ducts.

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How to use


The surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil, grease or other anti-adhesive substances. Application of a special adhesion-promoting primer is not necessary. However, non-galvanized sheet steel and non-anodized aluminum must be pretreated with a suitable waterproofing anti-corrosive coating.

CERESIT Tiling CE60 LP Instructions Illustration Step 2


TEROSON WT 112 DB is supplied in a workable consistency that has been formulated for application by air-atomized spraying (secondary air injection). If necessary, stir the compound before use, normally after a storage period of more than 3 months. TEROSON WT 112 DB can be applied within a temperature range of +10 to +40 °C; the most favorable working temperature is between +15 and +25 °C. 

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