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CO2 savings by our facade system (ETICS % WinTeq)

Discover where heat loss is coming from

Ceresit LP Sustainability Infographic House with hotspots

Roof 20%

Windows 15%

Walls 40%

Basement 10%

Ventilation 15%

Benefits of ETICS & WINTeQ systems:

  • The Thermal insulation products sold in 2019 enabled our customers to save around 5.85 million metric tons of CO2 emissions (Region - Russia, Central & Eastern European Countries).
  • Reduced energy consumption and cost cut down by up to 40-50%
  • Comfortable and healthy interior climate, heat loss reduced to a minimum
  • Healthier interior climate by mold & dampness protection
  • Prolong life of the house facade
  • Gives facade a stylish and beautiful appearance

CO2 savings in our plants in CEE

This photo shows the bird view of Ceresit CEE plant.
  • Since 2010 we have been able to reduce the CO2 emissions (in kg of CO2 per ton of finished good produced) by 33%!
  • Our objective is to become Carbon neutral in operation by 2040
  • Many initiatives enabled such as drastic reduction:
    • Installation of Photovoltaic panels to produce renewable electricity ourselves 
    • Automated dust extraction system: no consumption if production stops
    • Replacement of old light with LED
    • Heat recuperation


Graphic CEE Plant


Henkel construction is pioneering by turning the first existing Henkel plant to carbon neutral (planned by 2022):

  • New LED lights will replace older ones: 80% efficiency improvement for outdoor lighting
  • Replacement of the thermal oil boiler with an electrical one
  • Installation of 450 KW photovoltaic panels

The benefits of this installation are numerous:

  • Saving up to 4,900 tons of CO2 in the next 10 years 
  • Delivering renewable energy to the grid supporting the Bosnian government renewable energy plan
  • Creating environmental and economical value simultaneously
  • Spearheading Henkel's vision of becoming climate positive