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Façade connections

Common types of construction

Façade connections

Buildings are by no means rigid structures. Rather, they consist of the most diverse materials and components. Different materials, however, also behave differently under the influence of physical conditions to which buildings are normally exposed. Temperature fluctuations, for example, may cause changes in length while mechanical influences may result in material movement.

Façade sealing differs from window sealing by the position of the window in the building shell. In façade sealing, the window is usually installed inside the insulation layer, i.e. in front of the building shell. In window sealing, the window is normally positioned inside the window reveal. Only with low-energy houses the window is also installed in front of the building shell, i.e. in the insulation layer.

In general, the following types of façade construction are distinguished:

  • Curtain wall / ventilated façade
  • Double-skin façade
  • Prefabricated façade
  • Mullion-and-transom façade
  • Hybrid façade
  • Glass façade

Sealing is done from the inside resp. on the warm side of the building. For this purpose, vapor-impermeable window connection strips are primarily used that can be faced. As a rule, the middle sealing level is insulated with mineral wool or alternatively with rigid foam boards made of PUR. The outer sealing level is often sealed with vapor-permeable façade connection strips that can be faced.

The 3-level sealing model is also important for the proper execution of façade sealing. But due to different façade types and structural components, the building planners are forced to adapt the planning to the individual requirements on site while complying with the applicable regulations. For instance, a facade sealing strip that has been installed on the outside of the building nevertheless may need to be impermeable to water vapor, because in terms of building physics it is located on the warm side of the building.

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