Adhesives in metal construction

SMP/MS & PU-based assembly adhesives

Adhesives in metal construction

Over the last years, chemically curing adhesives have become increasingly popular in metal and façade construction. This type of adhesives cures by the absorption of moisture (even low amounts are already sufficient). A distinction is made between SMP/MS- and PU-based assembly adhesives, so-called hybrid polymers. Unlike dispersion and solventbased assembly adhesives which produce a rigid bond after curing, chemically reactive adhesives form a flexible layer after curing (depending on the formulation).

This is an essential property in metal construction since it enables the structure to absorb the movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction of different materials.

Other than PU-based assembly adhesives, SMP and MS polymer-based adhesives can also be used on slightly damp substrates since there is no danger of blistering. For this reason, SMP and MS polymer-based assembly adhesives have become the preferred choice in metal construction.

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