TEROSON – Expert sealing and bonding solutions for facade and window installation

Meanwhile, the meticulously planned and expertly installed insulation of buildings has become a standard requirement in housing construction. For a good reason: Thermal insulation and airtightness of the building envelope prevent the loss of valuable and expensive heating energy. Without proper insulation this energy would escape unused to the environment. By implication, thermal insulation also protects buildings in hot climates against heating up excessively during the summer months.

An airtight building envelope reduces the cost of heating and helps you save a lot of money. Nearly 40 % of a building's total energy loss is caused by leaky windows and doors. Cold air entering the house through gaps causes the insulation materials to lose more than one third of their insulating effect. Moreover, draught-free rooms feel more comfortable for the residents and are healthier to live in.

Among the building technology brands of the global company Henkel, TEROSON is the expert for sealing and bonding solutions in the area of facades and windows.

TEROSON history:

The origin of the brand TEROSON dates back to the 19th century. Being founded in 1898, the company manufactured products for the up-and-coming automobile industry. Since that time, innovation is a tradition at TEROSON – for more than 100 years now.

This also applies to the company's activities in the building materials sector. Since joining the Henkel Group in 1991, the research and development work carried out by TEROSON received a fresh boost to innovation: The brand has been able to establish itself firmly in the facade and metal construction market.

TEROSON today:

For 25 years now, TEROSON Bautechnik has been active in the sector of special sealing solutions for facades and windows. Today, the company offers a compact and clearly structured portfolio of well-proven classic and innovative products for the reliable and durable sealing of structural joints. The product range comprises sealing strips, pre-compressed foam tapes, joint sealants, extruded butyl sealing products, PU foams, assembly adhesives and other system components.


Especially in extreme climates and under difficult structural conditions, the premium quality of Henkel TEROSON products has a proven track record of long-term success. Under the quality seal "All-weather Technology", TEROSON ensures reliable performance and user-friendly application, even on damp substrates and at sub-zero temperatures – based on a tightly structured product line. The installation of these "special systems for use under extreme conditions (-5 °C)" was worked out jointly with the Institut für Fenstertechnik (i.f.t.) in Rosenheim (German Institute for Window Technology) and successfully tested in practical use. For our WINTeQ systems, the suitability for use under extreme conditions has been confirmed by Independent Experts' Reports.

On site, the systems can even be applied at temperatures down to -10 °C. In this way, stillstands at the construction site can be substantially reduced.

Henkel TEROSON was the first manufacturer to have its window and facade products certified concerning their emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) harmful to human health. Products that have been awarded the GEV label EMICODE® EC1PLUS feature very low emissions and offer the highest possible protection against indoor air pollution. These TEROSON products therefore make a significant contribution to securing a higher quality of life. Their certification provides consumers, product users and building clients with a reliable orientation aid and decision-making tool.

The organization – TEROSON WINTeQ Europe

Under the roof of the TEROSON WINTeQ Europe organization, Henkel offers sealing and bonding solutions to facade builders and window installers – across borders, state of the art and of premium quality.

TEROSON's team of technical advisors provides active support beyond national boundaries, based on many years of practical experience. TEROSON's range of systems and services is in a class of its own and therefore attractive for all window-making and metal-working companies – no matter whether they operate on a regional, national or international scale.

Also the system providers can benefit from a crucial advantage: jointly they can implement and further develop
their shared vision of "Quality windows featuring quality installation" – even outside the boundaries of Germany.
TEROSON – Your partner for Europe-wide projects.

Product innovations by TEROSON

  • TEROSON SD 150 M+S > The first full-surface self-adhesive sealing strip for facades
  • TEROSON WT 112 DB > The revolutionary anti-drumming compound featuring the highest fire protection rating of its time – very low consumption
  • TEROSON SE 2000 MF > Highly reactive bonding and sealing wizard for virtually all applications in metal construction
  • TEROSON FO SD 3 > The first diffusion-capable facade sealing strip featuring an sd-value of less than 5 m
  • TEROSON SE 139 > The first highly elastic acrylic joint sealant for sealing structural and connection joints (outdoors)
  • TEROSON EF 537 > The first high-precision window foam featuring minimal post-expansion of just 20 %
  • TEROSON FO FOIL-TACK > Full-surface, self-adhesive and repositionable window sealing strip – no need for a primer, usable down to -5 °C

The global player behind TEROSON: Henkel.

Henkel operates in 120 countries and is the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface technologies for consumers, craftsmen and industrial applications. Thanks to substantial investment in research and development, the company is able to promote the continuous improvement of products and solutions for the benefit of its customers.

Among the building technology brands of the global company Henkel, TEROSON is the expert for sealing and bonding solutions in the area of facades and windows.

Thanks to their integration into the Henkel Group, the experts of TEROSON can tap into all areas of expertise, application requirements and technologies within the Group.

  • Structural waterproofing
    High expertise and a comprehensive product range mainly under the brand name Polybit
  • Coatings
    High expertise and a comprehensive product range mainly under the brand name Fester
  • Hotmelts
    High expertise and superior technologies mainly under the brand name Technomelt


Henkel is the world market leader in joint sealants. The same applies to the sector of polyurethane foams in the brand business.

TEROSON combines the best technologies in the field of facade and window sealing. In this way, we can fully meet our customers' needs and provide maximum benefit to our customers.

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