High-quality butyl sealing compound with powerful adhesion and plasto-elastic properties.

  • Self-welding
  • Excellent water and aging resistance
  • Self-adhesive on both sides
  • Available in different widths and thicknesses
  • For sealing, padding or bonding cladding panels, bumper rails or decorative moldings, impact protection panels in container and tank construction
  • For sealing overlaps of steel, aluminum, glass and plastic constructions in sheet metal and metal processing, electrical engineering or apparatus and mechanical engineering
  • For bonding PE sheeting, plastic sheeting (e.g. EPDM) or components in plastics engineering
  • As a protection against contact corrosion between different metals
  • For sealing overlaps of cladding panels, external insulation panels, wall claddings, ventilation shafts and airconditioning systems; also for joining prefabricated components (contact bonding method)

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