You can never do enough to protect yourself against
the risk of fire. More and more often, the rating „hardly
inflammable“ in compliance with German DIN 4102 is
no longer sufficient. Instead, the highest level of fire
protection must be ensured, i.e. the classification
„non-combustible“ according to DIN EN 13501.

The ultimate goal: Maximum safety down to the smallest detail.


Especially office buildings and public buildings like schools and airports are always an investment in the future. Naturally, these buildings need to be protected as much as possible – in every respect. As a result, the requirements in the field of facade construction are growing and becoming more and more complex – ranging from structural design (statics) and material sustainability all the way to noise and fire protection.


What we need are sophisticated, highly effective solutions that provide maximum safety – down to the smallest detail. And which, ideally, are multifunctional and thus able to cover several requirements at the same time. True, our WT 112 DB is a mature and highly effective product. But there’s always room for improvement. The new anti-drumming compound is perfection improved and sets the benchmark in noise and fire protection.





We are TEROSON. We are constantly pushing ourselves and the further development of our products. We think ahead and anticipate our customers’ wishes. You can therefore expect more than just innovative and effective products for any kind of assembly work around windows and facades. You can expect comprehensive support that is only available from real experts – and this includes everything from project consulting to on-site service.

TEROSON WT 112 DB – our new weapon against sound and smoke

TEROSON is a brand of Henkel. The enhanced formulation of our WT 112 DB Anti-Drumming Compound is new evidence of our expertise and experience in the field of dispersion technology. In addition to outstanding sound insulation properties, the compound now also offers excellent fire protection. For building owners this means safer investments and greater confidence in making the right decisions.


  • Highest fire protection rating „non-combustible“ in compliance with DIN EN 13501-1



  • Effective sound deadening
  • Sprayable and trowelable
  • Heat-insulating
  • Solvent-free and environmentally compatible
  • Economical use (coating/sheet metal ratio 2:1), reduced weight (1.2 kg required for 1 mm dry layer)
  • 20 % more efficient
  • 30 % faster
  • 40 % less weight

Our TEROSON system stands for reliable long-term protection.

TEROSON WT 112 DB – the latest generation

WT 112 DB is a sprayable and trowelable effective antidrumming compound for soundproofing under sheet metal structures. It now also features highest fire protection in compliance with DIN EN 13501-1.


  • High-quality solution for maximum sound and fire protection
  • Non-combustible (class A2-s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1)
  • Quick and crack-free drying
  • Adheres without primer on stainless steel, galvanized sheet steel and anodized aluminum
  • Available in 250 kg hobbocks, now also in 40 kg buckets

Soundproof now also means fireproof:

TEROSON WT 112 DB Anti-Drumming Compound – the new generation.


WT 112 DB is a sprayable and trowelable high-performance soundproofing product that is used for the sound deadening of thin sheet metal structures, for example in plant and apparatus engineering, trapezoidal sheet metal ceilings, ventilation ducts or on the rear side of steel or aluminum facade elements.


In these places, it not only has a significant noise reduction effect but also provides thermal insulation. On top, it also meets the highest fire protection requirements according to DIN EN 13501 (class A2-s1, d0).


Thanks to its brand-new formulation, the compound is now „non-combustible“, thus meeting the highest demands for noise and fire protection on a Europewide scale. And, to top it all, the compound is highly cost-effective: the required coating just needs to have twice the thickness of the substrate underneath. This not only saves money, but also drying time and weight. A smart solution in every respect.

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