Compliance with requirements is crucial


True: In facade construction, vapor barrier membranes have been used for a long time on the „warm“ or room-facing side of the building. But more and more often, 100 % vapor-tight solutions are necessary to comply with the stringent requirements of building physics and the demands of architects. This applies in particular when sealing the connections in air-conditioning and ventilation systems, in ventilated curtain walls and, above all, in structures where metal meets metal.


In this context, „100 % vapor-tight“ is not just a loose statement, but rather a clearly defined parameter that requires an sd value above 1500 m. It’s therefore high time to live up to our own professional standards and meet the highest sealing requirements also for our fixing tapes.



We are TEROSON. We are constantly pushing ourselves and the further development of our products. We think ahead and anticipate our customers’ wishes. You can therefore expect more than just innovative and effective products for any kind of sealing work around windows and facades. You can expect comprehensive support that is only available from real experts – and this includes everything from project consulting to on-site service.

TEROSON TA ALU – Outstanding performance in every respect

The new and enhanced sealing tape is backed on one side with an aluminum composite strip. Featuring an sd value of > 1500 m, it meets the highest demands for vapor tightness.



*TA ALU Fixing Tape is available in the following widths:

  • 28 m 40 x 0,9 mm
  • 28 m 50 x 0,9 mm
  • 28 m 60 x 0,9 mm
  • 28 m 75 x 0,9 mm
  • 25 m 100 x 1,1 mm
  • 25 m 150 x 1,1 mm
  • 25 m 180 x 1,1 mm


  • Sd value > 1500 m, therefore 100 % vapor-tight according to DIN 4108-3



  • Remains tight despite screw punctures
  • Self-adhesive
  • Available in different dimensions*
  • Extremely resistant to initial tear and tear propagation
  • Bitumen-compatible
  • Also for use as a multi-purpose sealing and repair tape
  • Maximum flexibility: for indoor and outdoor use
  • No primer required on non-absorbent substrates
  • UV-stable and highly resistant to ageing

Our TEROSON system stands for reliable long-term protection.

TEROSON TA ALU – the latest generation

The cross-laminated fixing tape is coated on one side with an aluminum strip and now 100 % vapor-tight due to an sd value of > 1500 m. It is used for effectively sealing connections in all places where metal meets metal.


  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • High-quality sealing solution for difficult joint areas
  • 100 % vapor-tight
  • Remains tight despite screw punctures
  • Self-adhesive over its entire surface
  • Weather-resistant and UV-stable
  • Resistant to initial tear and tear propagation

Perfection improved: It’s always been good, now it’s even better.

TEROSON TA ALU sealing tape – the new generation.


For years now, our TA ALU Fixing Tape has been something special because of its composition: basically a self-adhesive butyl-rubber tape that has been combined with a cross-laminated, extremely tear-resistant plastic-aluminum composite strip. This special composition ensures a tight, leakproof seal even if the tape is pierced by screws or nails.


In other words: The tape has always been a safe, high-quality solution with a high bonding strength for producing watertight and punctureproof seals in conservatories, in air-conditioning and ventilation systems as well as in aluminum and metal construction.


Now, the tape is even watertighter in the truest sense of the word: thanks to the new composition, vapor tightness has been increased to more than 1500 m. The tape now meets the highest requirements in every respect – 100 %.

Our new TA ALU Fixing Tape is pierceproof. This means that it remains vapor-tight even if pierced by a screw.

Thanks to its cross-laminated structure, being equipped on one side with a plastic-aluminum composite strip, the new TA ALU Fixing Tape is highly resistant to initial tear and tear propagation.




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