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It’s now more than 20 years ago that we revolutionized the market and surprised national facade builders with the first full-surface self-adhesive sealing strip for the warm (i.e. room-facing) side of buildings. The FO SD 150 M+S came with a couple of unique features: coated with a bitumen-rubber compound, instantly watertight and designed for use in all weathers and seasons – even at sub-zero temperatures. These features laid the foundation for TEROSON’s “All-Weather Technology”.


But we don’t want to stop here and rest on our laurels. Why? Because we are always eager to explore new paths and find solutions that get our customers ahead of competition.


So it’s time for the next step and for a new generation of FO 150 designed for use on facades.


New TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S: very robust, bitumen-free, instant adhesion, immediately water- and diffusion-tight, easily moldable to surfaces.


High-tech adhesive

teamed up with TEROSON waterproofing expertise

Hotmelt adhesives are a key competence of Henkel, the worldwide leader in Adhesive Technologies. When combining TEROSON’s high expertise in window and facade sealing with the latest generation of hotmelt adhesives, the outcome can only be an innovative solution with unique application features. Here the advantages of working with hotmelts:

Hotmelt technology stands for very high bonding strength even on wet window frames. No need for time- and labor-consuming preparatory work like the removal of moisture.



Hotmelt technology ensures powerful adhesion to all mineral building materials. The delayed cross-linking process produces a strong bond with the masonry, resulting in exceptionally high final strength.



Hotmelt technology ensures a sealing strip of low weight that offers quick and comfortable installation. Thanks to the practical TEROSON finger lift, the strip can be quickly pulled off the protective film – even with gloves.



Hotmelt technology allows much faster progress on site – even at temperatures down to -5 °C. As a result, the sealing strip can be used all year round, thus helping to prevent weather-related downtimes and construction delays.




A total convincing performance – in every respect

The new TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S is the product of choice for the effective, trouble-free and permanently tight sealing of facades on the warm side of buildings. Compared to the previous generation, the new FO 150 has been significantly improved, now offering more robustness and higher bonding strength. Advanced hotmelt technology and the total absence of bitumen ensure that the sealing strip is lighter and thinner – and thus more flexible and easier to handle.

  • Immediately watertight, water-impermeable as well as diffusion- and airtight
  • Optimized adhesion to wet window frames, comfortable time window for repositioning the strip
  • Asymmetrically divided PE carrier film instead of release paper – no tearing, no fiddling around with the paper
  • Self-adhesive over the entire strip surface, instant adhesion without need for additional mechanical fastening overhead
  • Very high initial tack, extremely powerful direct bonding of “strip on strip”
  • Finger lift on 3 sides of the strip to ensure quick and comfortable handling
  • Highly tearproof and easily moldable to the surface – ideally suited for sealing base areas
  • Easy, effortless installation thanks to significantly reduced area weight
  • Bitumen-free and bitumen-resistant


Technical Benefits

*Compared to the previous product generation

The products in the TEROSON system:

Reliable, long-term protection


Full-surface self-adhesive special sealing strip, water-, air- and diffusion-tight, equipped with hotmelt technology


  • For indoor use (warm, room-facing side of the wall)
  • Diffusion-tight
  • Thin, light-weight but highly robust
  • Very fast and user-friendly installation
  • Can be repositioned
  • Powerful adhesion even on wet window frames
  • Bitumen-free and bitumen-resistant
  • Can be used all year round (down to -5 °C)



Easy installation in all weathers and seasons


1. Easy installation on the window frame



2. Easy application to the masonry wall



3. Easy cutting to size "in situ"



4. Correct sequence of installation steps



5. Easy removal of the protective film



6. Molding the sealing strip to the surface



7. Easy sealing of window fastening elements


8. Easy installation – all year round





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