TEROSON AD Adhesive spray


Highly efficient spray adhesive and ideal assembly aid – can be used as contact and pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • For preparing the bonding of self-adhesive sealing strips, e.g. TEROSON FO 1 FOIL-TACK and TEROSON FO 50 FOIL-TACK, in the case of unstable or difficult substrates
  • For surface strengthening and adhesion improvement on weak or damp substrates before bonding TEROSON FO 1/50 FOIL-TACK
  • For bonding plastic (PVC, EVA, PIB, FPO) and rubber (EPDM) strips/membranes as well as PE vapor barrier membranes on penetrations and rising structural components
  • Can be applied on damp substrates


  • High initial tack
  • Fast and clean bonding
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Suitable for porous and non-porous materials
  • Can be applied down to -5 °C

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