Full-surface self-adhesive special sealing strip, water-, air- and diffusion-tight, equipped with hotmelt technology.


  • Facade elements
  • Windows
  • House door connections
  • Butt-joint bonding of anchor seals


This product features an enormous range of applications in window and facade sealing. TEROSON FO 150 FOIL-TACK M+S is traditionally used on curtain walls and ensures the vapor-proof and airtight sealing of facade elements. It prevents the penetration of water vapor and the formation of condensation.

In the area of windows and doors, this self-adhesive sealing strip is often used at the wall-foundation junction due to its full-surface bonding and good bitumen resistance.

When waterproofing in compliance with DIN 18195, parts 4 and 5 (e.g. in the threshold area balcony and junction sealing along foundation walls), it is necessary to use TEROSON FO KSK M+S.


  • For indoor use (warm, room-facing side of the wall)
  • Diffusion-, air tight
  • Thin, light-weight but highly robust
  • Very fast and user-friendly installation
  • Can be repositioned
  • Powerful adhesion even on wet window frames
  • Bitumen-free and bitumen-resistant
  • Can be used all year round (down to -5 °C)
  • Compliant with DIN 18533 for highest requirements

Super tight as ever, powerful as never before

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